Fein Focus XRAY

2007 Fein Focus  Cougar XRAY System Complete & Ready for Delivery!
160kV Microficus Demountable Open XRAY Tube With Transmission Target (2um Resolution)
Maximum Sample Size: 17" x 21"   Maximum Inspection Area: 12" x 12"
Ergonomic Workstation With 20" WIth Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, Joysticks & Mouse
Fein Focus Graphical User Interface
Enhance FGUI Extended With AVI Recorder, BGA & Die Attach Analysis Operators
3-Motor Driven Axes manipulation System WIth Software Controls
X & Y Axes Sample Manipulation, Z-Axes Tube Manipulation
SMT Configuration Upgrade Includes:
Detector Tilt Upgrade Package for 140+ Degree Oblique Viewing
High Resolution DDD Image Chain Upgrade Package
CNC Capabilities Upgrade * Motor Driven Detector Z-Axis Upgrade
Optical Camera for Sample Positioning

We are currently looking for the following Inspection & Test Equipment:

Takaya 9000 Series Flying Probers     Koh Young Solder Paste Inspection Systems     Mirtec MV Series Automated Optical    
                                                                                                                                                              Inspection Systems

GenRad/Teradyne Test Stations          Dage XRAY Systems                                          YesTech Automated Optical Inspection Systems

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